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Summer Smoothies Recipes

The summer sun swelters outside. Inside it is warm, the fruit bowl sits lusciously on the window sill, bursting with seasonal plenty – peaches, mangoes, grapes as well as the ...

Egg Fried Rice

This is my version of the no-frills Egg Fried Rice. Super simple and serves 2 persons.Ingredients    * 2 cups/rice bowls cold cooked rice    * 2 eggs, lightly beaten    * 4 sh...

Would You Like a Little Caffeine With Your Workout?

Ok, I’ll bet you think that was a joke, don’t you? Everyone knows caffeine is supposed to be bad for you. You hear it all the time, and from a lot of different people, includi...

Summer Grilling

Grilling Do’s and Don’ts1. Always start with a completely clean grill. The amazing fish that you cooked last week was indeed tasty, but unless you want a hint of fish with you...

Canola Oil - A Delicious Way To Eat Heart Smart

You don't have to sacrifice great taste to be good to your heart. There are plenty of flavorful, nutritious foods-fresh vegetables, beans and some tasty oils-that offer a sati...

How To Select A Coffee Roaster

If you have decided to roast your own coffee then your first port of call will be to consider how to select a coffee roaster that is right for you. This decision is probably o...

Brownie Inspires Cupcake

The allure of the cupcake has gone beyond children's party fare. All the world, it seems, has a passion for cupcakes these days. Cupcake bakeries are opening across the countr...

Chicken Stock

The basis of a good soup is usually a good stock. Once you know how to make a good stock, you can use it for an almost endless variety of soups. This is a recipe I use for chi...

Stainless Steel Gas Grills

Gas grills, unlike some of the other grills types, have the ability to come with many different types of cooking surfaces. These different cooking surfaces include a BBQ surfa...

Chocolate Cheesecake

Ingredients:1 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs2 tablespoons sugar3 tablespoons butter or margarine melted2 pounds cream cheese1 cup of sugar8 ounces sour cream1/4 cup cocoa2 egg...

Your First Charcoal Grill

Now that you have decided you want a charcoal grill, you have to decide what type of charcoal grill will suit your needs. Are you planning on traveling and using your charcoal...

Top 5 Things You Need in Your Kitchen

If you are just starting to cook, or are moving in on your own, chances are, you don't have much in terms of cooking equipment. Here is what we recommend for you to get, as yo...

The Olive – History and Production

The Olive tree dates back to early ancient times in both biblical and classical writings.  In these early writings, the olive oil is referenced as a symbol of both goodness an...

Latte Frothing Basics - How to Make Delicious Frothed Milk

Few coffee drinkers fully appreciate the fact that frothed milk is what makes a cappuccino or latte. Without the milk and foam, it is just plain espresso. Like anything worth ...

Warm Up With Fresh Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms add something special to a meal and mushroom soup is a classic example.But mushrooms give us more than great taste. Did you know that mushrooms help contribute to ou...

Better Brownies, Better Taste, Better Nutrition

Brownies just keep getting better and better. Moist, chewy and so easy, these Fudgy-Fig-Nut Brownies are made with rich dark chocolate, crunchy toasted walnuts and surprise-sw...

Fortunate Lemon Chicken

This is a delicious chicken meal for you to prepare at home. The lemon sauce is fresh and tangy and somehow I always end up eating too much :-).It takes a bit to prepare and i...

Barista Competitions

A barista is a person who prepares coffee drinks in a coffee house as his or her profession and especially strives to create the perfect espresso. The barista possesses extens...

Strawberry Jamming Again

More practical musings – hints and tips on making strawberry jam.Sunshine for the rest of the yearSo I’m preparing strawberries for jam, the third evening this week. It is the...

Your Guide To Oysters

A dare. A local curiosity. A southern specialty. These are enticements you heeded in your intro to Louisiana oysters. However, the mystique of oysters may actually scare some ...

Green Tea - A very Versatile Beverage

The earliest users of tea are two countries, India and China. Tea also plays a very significant part of the social rituals of Japan. In current periods green tea has engrossed...

Plan a Perfect BBQ Party

1) First, no barbeque would be complete without guests. Plan ahead of time, checking with your potential guest for scheduling conflicts and issues. Finding a date and time tha...

Mojitos Offer A Taste Of Sophistication

When you're entertaining, say sophisticates, Mojitos should be on your list. This refreshing cocktail of lime, mint and rum, which hails from Cuba, is the rage from coast to c...

Coffee Beans and the Best Way to Buy

Coffee beans are an item that because of the internet can now be sourced with great ease and convenience, the thing is do we buy them from our local coffee vendor or should we...

Chocolate Fondue - Two Delicious Recipes

Are you an old pro when it comes to making delicious desserts? Do your guests rave about your cakes and pies? The next time you have company over for dessert, why not try some...

Wrap Your "Claws" Around This-Tips On How To Eat A Lobster

For the ultimate seafood experience, it's tough to top the sweet flavor of a tender lobster. Here are some succulent suggestions from the experts at Red Lobster on easy ways t...

Chocolate ice cream, tips and a scrumptious recipe

The best way to obtain a smooth, evenly textured ice cream is to whisk the mixture carefully and freeze quickly.The main thing you want to avoid is ice crystals forming in the...

My Favorite Cheesecakes

Lemon, vanilla and the more elaborate concoctions such as pumpkin, chocolate chip, cranberry and blueberry are just a few of my favorite cheesecakes. The delight you experienc...

How To Make Authentic Mexican Cerviche

First, let me explain why I call it authentic Mexican ceviche. I lived in the Yucatan Peninsula over 20 years ago at the beginning of the birth of Cancun. I worked on boats ev...

Using a Charcoal Grill

One of the first things to consider when purchasing your first charcoal grill is what you will be using it for. If you plan on traveling and using your charcoal grill, you wil...

How To Enjoy A Good Cup Of Gourmet Coffee

Are you tired of your regular Joe life and your regular Joe cup of coffee that you start your day with? Then it’s time to reward yourself with something different. Why not jaz...

Wild American Shrimp Scores High On Nutrition

The hottest diets, from Atkins to South Beach to Weight Watchers, sing the praises of shrimp. It's a great source of protein and is low in calories. Plus, premium-quality Wild...

How To Select A Coffee Bean Grinder

If you’re currently wondering how to select a coffee bean grinder to suit you and your kitchen then you probably already know that there are various options open to you. In si...

The Best Ways To Keep Coffee Hot

Keeping our brew fresh and hot is a big deal for some of us coffee drinkers. There is nothing worse than a tepid mouthful of stale coffee. How you keep your coffee hot depends...

Dine in Style Every Day With a Few Simple Steps

In Italy, stylish dining has long been embraced as a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day. So before you order takeout and eat in front of the television, take a cue from t...

Salad Packs A Health Punch

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you ward off heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer. Include dark green, leafy vegetables, yellow, orange and red fr...

Recipes With Rosemary

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs – its clean, spiky scent pervading my kitchen takes me to the South of France on a warm summer’s day. It is the hardiest plant in my herb ...

Do Away With Dry BBQ In One Surefire Move

Barbecued chicken is a staple for most backyard cooks. When done right, it's a wonderful thing; when wrong, well, it's like gnawing on barbecued shoe leather. The problem is, ...

Kabobs-Another Word For Dinner On A Stick

Cookout season is just around the corner and everyone is anxiously awaiting the smoky aroma that wafts throughout the neighborhood when families fire up their barbeque grills....

Bake Up Some Cookies For Family Fun

There are lots of reasons parents are baking with their kids these days. The delicious result is of course on the list. But more importantly, baking with children is a great w...

Can Coffee Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy nee...

Sleepyheads Love Cookie Pancakes. Delicious cookie pancakes are even more fun topped with jam or whipped cream.

Here's the newest way to serve up some fun at breakfast. Turn everybody's favorite fluffy pancakes into scrumptious Cookie Pancakes. Think of the happy possibilities--Chocolat...

Coffee break small daily timeless pleasure

Rarely, however, there dwells to think of the origins of this gesture and this drink becomes synonymous with behavior.Around this drink have created many legends and folk trad...

Supersweet Corn Ready For The Grill

Fresh corn and the grill go together like fireworks and the Fourth of July, but you don't have to wait for a holiday or special occasion to enjoy corn on the cob. Supersweet c...

The Original Chocolate

The word "chocolate" is said to be derived from the Mayan word "xocoatl." In fact, the Mayans, who occupied the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico starting in the 3rd century, were t...

Choosing the Best Cuts of Beef

Are you wondering how to choose the best beef for your cooking needs?  However you choose to cook the beef you select, the same criteria apply to choose beef.  Select meat tha...

Burger Tips for Barbecue Success

Summer and fall - and the long weekends in-between - are ideal times to fire up the grill and bring the family together for some outdoor fun.Burgers, the quintessential barbec...

Delicious Desserts

A "Dessert" is a meal course that usually comes after dinner. Most often Dessert foods are of sweet food but can also be of strongly flavored food, such as cheese, like cheese...

Coffee- How do you like yours?

Making coffee is one of the easiest things in the world, and yet people are forever finding more and more complicated ways to do it. We live in an advanced coffee culture, whe...

Eliminate Outdoor Cooking Mistakes

You must properly prepare the meat you are cooking, before cooking it. You should never attempt to cook meat on a grill when it is still frozen, or even partially frozen. Thaw...

YES! You Can be a Food Gourmet and a Skilled Gourmet Cook Too

Yes, even you can cook up wonderful meals and impress your loved ones! Ever thought that gourmet cooking is not for you, or that you do not cook well? Then it’s time to total...

Almond, Almonds Everywhere

More people are calling almonds their favorite nut-and they are putting their almonds where their mouths are. Over the past six years, American almond consumption has increase... is it made?

We all know the effects (and after-effects) of beer. But lifting a glass of cool liquid to your mouth on a scorching hot day, have you ever stopped to consider the processes a...

Culinary Traditions Of France

French cuisine is the amazingly high standard to which all other native cuisines must live up to. The country of France is home to some of the finest cuisine in the world, and...

Tips for Better Barbequing

Tips for Better Barbequing If you are new to barbequing, chances are you have run into some problems when it comes to barbequing. Barbequing, like anything else, takes practi...

7 Steps for World Class Gourmet Coffee

For a change, a good cup of coffee would be nice. It does take some time and some energy to find a great cup of gourmet coffee these days. If you do know of a perfect coffee s...

A Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket Is The Perfect Gift

There are many online specialty stores that offer nothing but the best in chocolate gift baskets. They offer a great assortment to choose from, and you can even individualize ...

Convince Skeptics With Easy Vegetarian Recipes

If you are thinking of following a vegetarian diet for certain causes - religious belief, health reason, economic reason, animal rights - you will face a barrage of uninformed...

Clothes Dryer Lint Is a Fire Hazard

A clothes dryer doesn't look scary or dangerous. Unfortunately, it is the cause of more than 20,000 house fires every year totaling millions of dollars in damage. Regular clea...

Barbequing - An American Tradition

No matter if it is the 4th of July, or just another day in the summer, chances are someone in your area is barbequing. Barbequing has become a standard American tradition for ...

3 Great Coconut Shrimp Recipes

If you love coconut shrimp, here are three different, but very good coconut shrimp recipes to try. Coconut Beer Batter Fried Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa 2 eggs 1-3/4 cups al...

4 Easy Tips for Making Iced Coffee Drinks at Home

A big chill is sweeping the coffee industry as iced coffee beverages gain popularity. According to the National Coffee Association, the percentage of Americans who drink iced...

Juicy Shrimp with Roasted Chile and Avocado Sauce

THE INGREDIENTS SAUCE 3 Anaheim chile peppers, each about 6 inches long 1 ripe Hass avocado, coarsely chopped ¼ cup sour cream ¼ cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons roughly...

Cherry Plum Crumble

Recipe: Cherry Plum Crumble   Try out Chef Barbara's Cherry Plum Crumble! This adorable little fruit is about the size of a small plum. It has a gorgeous red-purple hue and ...

Why I Love Cheesecake

What can be more soothing to the soul, tummy-filling and sociable than having a piece of cheesecake? These are just some of the reasons why I love cheesecake. Just thinking ab...


When Thanksgiving rolls around, I have this annual discussion with my friends centering around one question: how are you going to grill your turkey? Yes, the question is not w...

Walnut Pesto

Chef Barbara's Walnut Pesto   Ingredients 1 cup packed basil 1 cup packed Italian Parley 1 cup Baby Spinach ¾ cup olive oil 1 cup toasted walnuts 1 ⁄ 2 cup finely gr...

Cooking Classes

NEW! Monthly Cooking Classes!! Cooking classes are hosted at Barry’s Appliance in Brigdewater, NJ by our Corporate Chef, Chef Barbara of Chez Barbara. Our cooking classes help...

Butternut Squash and Parsnip Soup

Chef Barbara's Butternut Squash and Parsnip Soup--A sweet and warming soup. Can be eaten as a starter or main course as it's quite filling. The perfect way to warm up as it ch...

Applesauce Pumpkin Spice Bread

Applesauce Pumpkin Spice Bread --Pumpkin bread made a little healthier with applesauce instead of oil! The perfect Fall treat to satisfy a pumpkin craving and great for shar...